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I speak, to all these people who visit this website with hope to finding help for themselves and their loved ones. This chest, in which you put your letters with your prayers and best wishes, can be found in our gallery of paintings and it has a history – before 15 years ago. Many have requested here and have written their vows to God and the Saints. All these people are telling us, then that their prayers and messages have been heard. Every day, people from all over the world write their wishes, in different languages. Let me tell you something very impressive, the history has been told by the parents of a girl who was missing for 3 years ago. A few days after writing a message to God and have asked for help to find their daughter, she appeared. The girl resided in another city with wealthy family and their children. Another case: a boy suffering from a serious illness. When his letter was reduced and put in the small chest by his girlfriend, he starts to walk and heals. Young people who had difficulties in having children, came to pray to God and write a small message of hope and then had children. It's the stories of happy people including prayer was heard by God. There are also students, who come to pray before their exams. Many tears were cast in front of the small chest and icons of All Saints and God. On the website is our gallery of paintings and of course "safe wishes." You can write your wish to God and send it to us online. We must to know that God is this one who decides with wise and make real people’s prayers, how he wants. Thank to God. Amen

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