Нели помогни - Life is like a leaf blown away

Life is like a leaf blown away

Nelly Dimitrova

articles: i.jpg Life is like a leaf blown away The soul is at the whim of the wind it is only sadness that remains on earth together with a lot of dreams that never come true....

As I know what life really is, having enough time during those eight years to think over and evaluate what I have been doing and what I am, I feel obliged to tell the truth and only the truth now, without any exaggerations or additions. I have been hurt on many occasins, a lot has been said or hinted - ,,why do you believe her, she is lying to you!" but the tears of joy have not been rare either. How great has been the happiness of those who I had been able to help. I have prolonged or even saved not one single life. Once, about a month after the unexpected death of my only brother on my way back from the cemetery I started seeing through the human bodies, they became transparent. At the same time I knew their problems. In the compartment there was sitting opposite me an unknown woman, deep in her sorrow. - Lady, -I told her, - You are going to the court but you'd better change your lawyer as the case has been already traded. She asked for my phone and in the evening told me that I proved right. Following the advice of some friends I went to see a girl from Lukorsko who was said to have been in written contact with extraterrestrial people. How surprised I was when she started writing in my brother's handwriting. At that time I was sure that the traffic accident had not been the only cause of his death and was looking for more information. What that girl Tania, wrote, amazed me. Those were things that only I and my brother knew, names that the girl could not have known. In my deep sadness I used to see her very often and ask her about a lot of things. Once even I took along a colleague from the institute that for a long time had been suffering from severe headache. He told us how he pressed his head with both hands to ease the pain when a soft voice told me to put my hands over his head /Tania has written the same instruction simultaneously/. The voice went on telling me to touch the left side of the head first, then the right one and.. - to our surprise the boy began slowly to turn red in the face telling us he was feeling better and only wanted to sleep. Then the voice told me that he should not sleep as we had to leave the place and he could not stay behind. Then things started happening in quick succession. Whenever I met an ill person in the street /there were lot of them/ I would go close to him and tell him what his problem was and send him to see a doctor. I started waking up with exhausted, aching hands and an outline of a person in front of me that I was treating. Later I understood that these were lessons for. my future work as a healer. I tried to hide my hands, to put them away behind my back but by themselves they went back to the outline of the person in front of me. At my workplace I started giving diagnosis to my colleagues and at the same time moved my hands about them. Miraculously they started feeling better with every new day. There came a lot of patients to me, my colleagues were bringing their relatives and friends along. I helped them get rid of a renal stone or ease the gall bladder pain. Very soon I started treatment via telephone. Whenever they gave me the photos of their relatives I gave the diagnosis which after checking with the doctor proved correct. I want to tell you about the cases I had and things that have amazed me when trying to help people. When I was still living in my flat there came a crying woman asking me: ,,Tell me, shall I live longer as I can't stand my troubles and everything hurts me?" Then she told me a touching story. There were four houses in the yard. They belonged to four brothers, but in that place all children used to die. Now she was sure it was her turn. Then I told her to imagine that she was going in from the entrance door on her way to her house and in her thought to start going round the yard. I promised to be following her. Next to the entrance I saw a huge tree, that proved to be a nut tree. Then I followed her everywhere. In front of the first house there was a tree in white blossom - it was a cherry tree - that was the evil, I told her. Then I told her to go home and in the evening when the moon rose, without being noticed by anybody, to sprinkle the ground around the tree with my water and within a distance of one meter dig around until she would find something like a ball, covered in a cloth. There was hidden the evil that harmed them. They have to throw the soil they will have dug, the tree and the ball into the river. Then in the following three days they will know who has wanted to harm them. The woman came after a month. She was fully recovered and told me that something very terrible had happened with their woman neighbour - her husband and son killed each other. I was so amazed that for some time could not say a word..I was just asking myself what that woman could be if she had been able to watch in cold blood seven children graves. Then I understood that there is horrifying witchcraft and believed that my brother had not died by accident. So the word spread and people started coming and the crowds in front of my flat grew longer. I went to work and from 4 in the afternoon until midnight used to see people. It was very tiring but my sincere wish to help was very big. Fortunately I was used to hard work so I managed that easily. My neighbours in the block of flats where I lived did not like me although they did not say it openly. They discredited me behind my back. They had only seen me growing flowers in the front garden and had protested against the water I wasted on the flowers which resulted in a number of fines. I have never been able to protect myself from the hatred and envy of the people. And that is why I want to tell the sceptics about the miracles these hands have made with the hope that they somehow would believe in the divine strength A crying man and a woman came asking me to see them urgently. They gave me the picture of a girl of about 14 and told me the story. They came from Varna. Their daughter and her friend had been walking in the street when a car knocked them breaking the leg o| their girl. There were also additional wounds and as the local doctors were not able totreat the infection the girl was brought to ,,Progov". Here things did not improve and they decided to cut off the leg of the child in order to save her life. The parents went to the church ,,St. Petka" to pray for help where they met a friend of theirs. She told them about me and advised them to visit me. When I took the picture of the girl in my hand I was really frightened - the pulse was very quick, the temperature - high and the girl was lying connected to systems and apparatuses. Then I started to work after a minute, little by little I managed to calm down the pulse, to lower the temperature. The child started-sweating through, the breathing became normal and she opened her eyes Then I turned to the parents, sweating all over myself and told them to go to the girl and be sure she would not lose her leg any more because she was much better.. Now the pus will start running away and the wound will be better on the next day. I advised them to go to the hospital early the next day repeating the words ,,Nelly help" and let God hear their prays and make the doctors have a better look at the wound before starting the operation. Then they came on the next day crying ,,Our child is saved, her leg is saved!" Some of the doctors had said that the miracle happened in the last moment when the professor wanted to have a look at the wound before operating on. Then he saw that the wound was clean and started healing. The poor parents were on their knees trying to kiss my hands. I told them that I am an ordinary person like themselves the only difference is that I listen to God. Three months later when the child left the hospital and they started for Varna I was the one who cried most of all because all the time I had been helping her to get cured. There is another case A boy was unconscious for forty days after a road accident. When the doctors had done their best to cure the boy they finally told the mother to be prepared to face the worst outcome as they were helpless. One of the nurses whispered to the mother about me and she came here right away. A nice looking young man was looking at me from the photo. What I saw at this moment in the hospital room was so terrible that I almost gave up all my courage- the boy was lying lifeless, his pulse was hardly palpable. Nevertheless little by little I started giving him strength holding his hand in my thought, speaking to him, imploring him to help me : ,,Look how young you are, life on the earth is beautiful, you must know love and make a family". While speaking to him like that he started breathing more regularly and his heart began to obey me. He trembled a bit, open his eyes a little, not quite awake and closed them again. I stared my contacts again Then I told the mother to go to the hospital at once and tell the doctors that her son was going to live so they had to struggle for his life once again. In a month or so he was brought to me straight from the hospital...I embraced him and wept on his shoulder. He was quite at a loss as he had no memory from anything whatsoever. The only thing he needed was help to have his leg moving better. A small girl in her hospital clothes was carried to my small room. She was breathing with difficulty and was very pale - obviously it was a case of lung embolism. I had no time to get frightened as the only thing I had for this emergency case were my two hands and the enormous strength of God. We laid her on the bed and little by little I began to dissolve the small blood clogs. They were many -11. I had to measure the pulse all the time and watch here face. There the girl started asking me:" Shall I live until tomorrow when they will operate on me trying to implant a valve in my heart? I married six months ago and on the second day after my wedding I went to hospital and since then I have been trembling with fear that I wouldn't live to wake up in the morning." How beautiful was that girl, really. I have never seen such a beauty - her eyes were big and brown, her hair was put up in a bun at the back of the head, her lips - as if painted. I told here that she would live because God would never let die such a beauty prematurely. While curing her she went on telling me her story....When they had been in the church the priest cut his hand on one of the cups the newly wed had to drink from and by accident some blood sprinkled her dress. She at once started feeling unwell. I will not comment on what happened in church though I am sure that it caused this sudden and terrible illness. This girl had never been ill before that event. She was an airhostess by profession. Finally I managed to get hold of the last clog and dissolve it. She was healthy and cured. When I turned round there were about twenty people in my room, all of them crying silently waiting for the girl to come back to life. At that moment there was played a song over the radio that I had been waiting to record for a long time. Once before that I had heard it but did not know what it was : and who was the singer. The song was „Flower of the night" and was sung by Jordanka Varadjiiska. For me it was the praise of God who awarded me for the great courage and good will I showed. Yes, that flower was lying now close to me with pink cheeks and two tears in her beautiful eyes. Then she was able to get up and without any help walk home. I advised her to say the prayer ,,Nelly help me" on the next day before being operated. This girl is still working as an air hostess. I have no time for rest. The queue in front of my house is long. I have to help everybody as much as I can. All those people have come here with their problems. ,,l am in a great hurry to see you. My grandchild is not well, they told me to be prepared for the worst. I heard about you and there I am. It is very little, not yet a year old, it cannot breathe and is unconscious". Then the people let her enter the room. She showed me a picture of a baby. There was no time even for thinking. Every minute was valuable. Little by little I tried to give him strength. The two lungs were almost full of liquid and gradually I tried to drain it towards the abdominal cavity. It was not possible to drain it through the mouth as the child was breathing with and oxygen apparatus. The baby started to breath better. And a really miracle happened - the baby pulled away the oxygen tube from his mouth and even tried to sit up. His eyes were startled but his look was clear. The mother was watching him not knowing what to do. Then he threw out a lot of spittle and pus. At that moment I met the look of the doctors, they were totally amazed. Bobby saw his mother, cried out and held his arms to embrace her calling her „Mother" I told the grandmother to go home as the child was better and even called his mother. Then I just wiped off the sweat on my forehead and the next patient came. A newly born baby with a very serious diagnosis - hydrocephalia. The doctors advised the mother to leave the child as medicine was helpless - the head would go on growing in this unnatural way. The child could not be normal and would never walk. I advised the young mother to take a picture of the baby as it was in the incubator without anybody noticing her. Then day after day I started fighting for it. The pressure in the head was very high. Obviously there was a great quantity of liquor. About a month later I advised the mother to take the child from the hospital and we started struggling following the advice of God. I recommended baths with extract from high mountain hay and twice daily massages with lard treated by me. Thanks to the persistence of the mother and my 5 to 6 performances a day with the picture Dorotea was improving with every day. When she was four months old she surprised her mother managing to turn by herself and fell off the bed. Whenever she went to see the doctors she came to me crying and in distress, every time losing her courage. They used to tell her that the head of the child was getting bigger. Only my faith in God made me believe that actually the child was improving. When 6 months old she was sitting well and when 7 she already managed to stand in the bed. During the summer the mother started bringing the child to me. She was very beautiful and clever with nice warm eyes. She started walking like a normal child and soon her height made for the rather big head. Now one cannot notice anything abnormal. She was growing a very clever girl. I saved that child and if the doctors knew about me I could have saved a lot of such children. After Dorotea I have treated a lot of such children with the same illness. It is very important that I begin to treat the child while it is still in the incubator. There would not have been so many crippled children in the homes there would have had fewer inhabitants. There have been a lot of cases when after a complicated delivery the prognosis of the baby has been very problematic. The grandmother, a very intelligent woman and a patient of mine found me at home and gave me only a photo of the mother. Through her picture I was able to see the baby and find that it had swallowed foetal liquid. By and by I started draining the little lungs and the baby survived. I treated the baby a little more and now it is very well. There was a baby from Plovdiv, that I knew through the photo of the mother that the grandmother gave me. The baby was taken away from the incubator and was feeling well. I gave this baby an additional diagnosis as a result from a very difficult delivery - oedema in the right side of the head and presence of liquor fluid. Ten days after I put this diagnosis the scanner confirmed it. It would have been much better if the grandmother had been able to tell it to the doctors so that they had the chance to start the treatment earlier and reduce the chances of complications. Often I have to advice the patients to keep silent in front of the doctors about me so that they do not get angry. Very often a lot of time is lost and good possibilities missed. This child was doomed by the paediatrician looking after it who told the parents it would not live. Now I remember the case when there came a mother with her four year old child. She told me that it was clever, could hear very well but was not able to say a single word. I thought a bit and told her to go to the village of Zlatolist, near Melnik, where the Bulgarian saint Stoyna used to live. The name of the church is St. George. She had to ask to be let in and spend one night inside the church, then she had to have her child baptised. It did not matter that she spoke Turkish and everybody considered her to be a Turk. Only St. George and St. Stoyna could help her. She was amazed to hear my words but obeyed me. Four months later she came to see me with the child and he tumed to me with ,,Nelly". The mother told me that while waiting in the queue a woman had heard my instructions to her and offered to be the child's godmother. So it happened. She then took the mother and the baby to Zlatolist. They had followed my instructions closely and on the very next morning the child had said the word ,,mother". Now I shall tell you something about St. Stoyna and how I got to know about her. About five years ago I had a dream that I had to visit her. Until that day I had never heard anything about her. When on the next day there came a woman and told me that on order from aunt Vanga the mayor of the village and its inhabitants were inviting me to go to the place and lead the ritual memorial service at the grave of the saint. I was also invited to go the offering to Godmother in the village .It was just two days later so I did not have much time to think it over. Starting for the place I had the idea to go via the Rupite and see what aunt Vanga thought about all that as until that time she was the one who used to do the memorial services there. When I arrived she immediately sent the guards to take me inside and the moment I entered the room I heard her telling me not to be long because the people were waiting for me to begin the memorial service and start the ritual singing. She ordered me to tell them that as the church is called ,,St. George" they had to celebrate the holiday of the village on that day. I did not dare to oppose her although I felt uneasy to tell the people I was seeing for the first time her orders. It is only now that I understand that she had actually started preparing me to continue her work, to pay honour to St. Stoyna knowing that she would soon leave this world . She herself used to go and talk with her, to ask her about certain things. St. Stoyna had also been blind but according to aunt Vanga she had been three times as strong as herself. While she was alive people used to go to see her and ask for help. She, herself with the support of St. George protected the church form the Turks. As long as I am alive I shall pay honour to her and will bring people to worship her. Here I have to point out that a year after the offering all young brides that I rocked in the swing gave birth to babies after being childless for a long period. I want to go back to the miracles that happened in front of me and a lot of people. I never close the door of my room so that people could see what happens with the person I am working with. A woman from Lukovit was brought to me, They actually were carrying her.. She was so swollen that water was dripping from her legs and arms. She was not able to see anything and was only moaning, breathing very hard. I understood at once that her kidneys were not functioning and she had not been able to pass water for at least two days. Hearing about me she refused to go to heamodialisis. She had totally lost her sight several months ago. I began the seance and to my surprise she saw me, cried out and gradually her breathing became nor/pal. Then she said she wanted to urinate and passed a lot of water in the small basin we brought. Feeling that it was enough for the day I asked them to go home and come again on the next day. What I saw amazed even me - she was walking with ease and the swelling had decreased a lot. She told me that she was a teacher and was much afraid of the heamodialisis. She also said that she had had a dream of me before anybody told her about me and that was the reason she decided to come. She fully trusted me. II have often heard about future patients who had first seen in their dreams myself, my room and all the flowers on the ceiling. I think I have to mention that my daughter Didi and I are the only persons that people in need could summon once or twice in their thought or aloud and then the pain disappears. There is something else -when you want to do a good deed you can ask for our assistance with the words ,,Nelly help me" and you will be successful. How can I explain that phenomenon. I think that God hears the words and makes the wish come true. I shall tell you about a case when these magic words helped not only when health was concerned. This is the story of an American girl that disappeared two and half years ago. Patients of mine working at an American firm quite by chance learnt about the tragedy of their boss. They asked for the girl's picture and brought it here. I looked at it and in front of me saw a beautiful girl with sad eyes. I told my friends to take to their boss a bottle of my water with which he had to sprinkle the house every evening, to think about and say aloud the magic words, to take candles from the church and light them for not less than 21 days. On the third day I started my seances with the picture and the girl telephoned them. She was alive. The parents called from America and told my friends that she had called and said that she was well, only that. They were upset that they could not see her. I advised them to find out where she had called from. It turned out that she was calling from a camp where she was together with 2000 more girls and boys, all of them children of well to do parents. When they went to see her she stayed with them for a while but refused to follow them home. For several months I was trying to persuade her to return home but it was in vain. At that time I found out that she was forced to take drugs and that was the reason she had no will of her own. Then I asked the parents to find the picture of their main leader. They managed to do that with great difficulty and I at once knew that this man was wanted by the police. He had managed to keep away from the authorities for a long time. The man in the picture was so bad that he gave me creeps. I asked my friends to put the picture and the letter in the case of God that was in my picture gallery. It was not a thing I was able to do. Only after two months the girl managed to run away from the camp and return home. Now she is doing charity work and is well. I shall go on with the health cases now. I shall try not to tell about cases concerning the same kind of problems. And still I will not be able to tell you about the thousands of wonders I had experienced for those eight years. There was a child whose diagnosis was aversion to wheat bread and all kinds of rich in protein foods. Such children could have only gluten or maze bread and they keep a special diet. Their physical development is usually retarded and their parents have a lot of trouble finding and preparing suitable food. After the tenth seance I usually start giving them a small quantity of biscuits of the ordinary type. Then they can have some toasted bread which is usually the strongest desire of every child that has come to me. For many years now they have been having all sorts of food without problem. Do not be sceptical. There have been so many cases of children who I have already helped. Even after the successful treatment I keep on looking after them following their development for years. After a year of having nourishing food their status usually begins to change for better. I would like to tell you about the case when a great miracle happened on a holy day. On Assumption day there came a crying woman to see me. She was middle aged. Her son in law who was in Japan at that time had to undergo an urgent operation. The diagnosis was brain tumour. What I saw in the picture drove me to despair - the tumour was between the cerebellum and the stem of the brain. He was in serious trouble. Then I told the woman that the best thing to do was to visit me on such a holy day because it was only Godmother that could help her. I told her to tell him when he called before the operation to say the words ,,Nelly help me" and then lie on the operation table. She was sure he would not call as he was going to be operated on the next day. I ensured her that he would call. So it was.Then the son in law told her how the professor had operated on him for more than 12 hours. On 18-th hour.after he started the operation he suddenly felt very tired and in despair that the tumour being so badly situated gave him almost no chance for success. He was about to leave the things at that stage but suddenly felt a surge of fresh strength and went on. Five years have passed since then and the young man is well, he even has a second child. What saved him was the love of his mother in law and the fact that he was a good man. But probably most of all the possibility to find the person who served as a bridge between him and God. The magic words. Have you heard about another person the mere whispering of whose name could produce such an effect? I shall tell you about another miracle that happened in the dried out wells of my native village. At Easter 1996 when I went to visit it its deserted and neglected gardens were a sad sight. When we sat down to have lunch I asked the neighbours who had come there if there was water in their wells. It turned out that the well in our garden had some water but of lower capacity while in the wells around us there had been no water for two years. I made some of my water, poured it in a bottle, put on a good stopper and then my father dropped it in one of the dry wells. I told him to say ,,Nelly help the water come" Two or three weeks after that we went to my village again and to my question what happened with the water he answered me that there already was half a meter of water which was quite surprising as there had not rained at all and the last two years had been very dry. The 26 of July is the holiday of my village - it is the day of St. Archangel Michail. I asked my father and a boy to invite the priest from the village of Gula as there isn't any in our village and to hang posters that there would take place a public prayer for rain and health. I prepared some water and the priest sanctified it. Then I asked all the people to pour sanctified water in bottles and throw them in their wells. Every one who believed in the ritual and dropped a bottle found out that water appeared again in the wells. Although in the ,,Duma" newspaper there was published acrimonious article about that event on the second day it started raining. So the bad feelings did not reach me but those who had made a joke with something sacred. Although we did not keep strictly to the set rules the very fact that this church that had been closed for a decade on this day was hardly able to house all the people was enough to make God hear our prayer. Now again cases connected with health. When a child cannot hear I use my hands as ear phones and if there is the slightest possibility it starts hearing at once. Then the treatment must continue until the child is totally cured. There have been cases in which I has been unable to help. The case with Dessy, the blind girl. Once on 25 of June, the day of my home I made one thousand people kneel down and pray with me so that God might give her the talent to sing and compose if she is to remain blind. From that day on Dessy development marked a quick progress - she published two albums of her songs. Then she published two book of poems and now she is a student. She never forgets me and on all my holidays comes to sing and play. I would like to tell the story of the boy from Pernik who had brain haemorrhage. When his aunt gave me his picture she mentioned that the doctors had given up all hope. He had been unconscious and not able to breathe alone for several days. From the picture I understood that he had a massive haemorrhage caused by a broken main blood vessel that instead of diminishing was increasing. The first thing I did was in my though to try and stick together the blood vessel so that it stopped bleeding. Then little by little I began to dissolve and spread the big clog. I told the aunt to go to the hospital and tell the doctors that the child would live. I needed a few days to bring him back to consciousness. He was very young and that helped me. Even the doctors there admitted that there had happened a real miracle. My diagnosis from the first moment I saw him was confirmed late by the doctors. But even then they did not know who had used the strength of God to help that boy survive. I would be able to help so many people only if the doctors knew about me. On the contrary very often for fear they might provoke the anger of the doctors the parents do not dare to tell them about me. I do not want to say that the doctors' merits are not as important. On the contrary I respect them for everything they are doing for the patients - they treat them, give them food and drink, prescribe them the necessary drugs. I am not looking for fame, all I want is to be given the chance to help. When people ask me what I can treat my usual answer is that I do not know what I cannot treat, the most important condition is to come to me on time. There are a lot of diseases I have never heard about. There came a woman with Alzheimer disease - she did not remember her name and could tell neither if she had children nor where she came from. After 40 -50 seances she gradually began to remember the letters and even tried to read. She even remembered about her habit to smoke. So day after day she managed to return her memory. I remember the case of the woman with rheumatic arthritis, her joints were swollen and twisted. She was not even able to pick up her spoon. Little by little these totally shapeless joints began to normalise. She began to walk on her own without external assistance. After 120-150 seances she was well. There was also a ballet dancer whose fingers were so deformed that the nails had cut deep into the flesh. Her dream was to have a child. I managed to help her get cured and later she had a baby. I never forget my greatest helpers - the water and the lard. The inflammations get cured only for several days with the help of seances and drugs. I treated erysipelas only for one night by telephone with the help of the antibiotic I prescribed and some compresses with my water. There was brought one morning a small child to me - it was sleeping and was totally motionless. My diagnosis was virus meningitis. My seance awoke him up and he even walked to his mother. I sent them immediately to the specialised infectious diseases hospital where the diagnosis was confirmed. To the surprise of the doctors only after one week the child recovered fully without any complications. There is another interesting case - a doctor from ,,Pirogov" that I know called me and although he does not believe in me very much asked me for help as his best friend was in great trouble and they have tried everything to cure him. For the last three months every day in the evening his friend has been running high temperature and complained of strong headache. As the doctors' diagnosis was sinusitis they made several punctures without any effect. I wanted to hear the man over the telephone and my final diagnosis was meningitis. Naturally the doctor told me that this time I was wrong and hung up. The seance over the telephone relieved the man's complains a lot. After two more weeks when taken to the hospital ,,ISUI „ in a very serious state he told the doctors that a lady healer had given him the diagnosis meningitis. Finally it was confirmed by those doctors. My help is invisible. But the miracle could be seen and even only for the utter bewilderment of the sceptics it is worth helping people. When putting a diagnosis I never doubt it is correct. There came to see me a well built and well dressed man. He was taking some patients. When I examined them he wanted me to examine him as well. My diagnosis was ,,serious narrowing of the blood vessels and urgent operation of the heart with a bypass" He did not say anything. Only when we went outside to the gallery he told me that I was a great diagnostician and that he already knew what I have told him. I told him that I could help him only if he brought a picture of himself. Quite later, when he was in a bad state they brought me his picture and I helped him. Now he is much better. I treat hea/t patients only by a picture. Now I want to tell you about the woman who was motionless and bedridden for months. I asked them to move the furniture and most of all the bed as there were underground waters there. Their influence is felt although she lives on the second floor. They listened to my advice, moved her bed to the place I told them and only after a week she was able to walk and had no more pain. I shall tell you about a case that is even more interesting. A heart patient was out of rhythm and the doctors were helpless. His wife is a former patient of mine. When he got in a coma she brought me his picture to treat him. The first thing I did was to help him with the strength of my own heart. I am sure most of you will smile with scepticism but what I am going to tell you now has been closely followed by his own daughter who is a doctor and has been at his father's bed all the time. There were times when he had been in the tunnel/ you have probably heard about that from other people/ and then the most interesting thing happened. The patient met my extraterrestrial friend - Roki and it was he who embraced him and persuaded him to return to earth telling him that it was early for him to leave the world. Can you imagine that when out of the coma he told all that to his daughter and wife and when they on their turn retold the story to me they were convinced that he had been out of his mind. He even mentioned the name of Roki to them. The other startling thing was that he had in details described to them the temple of God the way I have drawn it in my picture „ the Paradise".. It is really very difficult to describe all those miracles that happened in our home in the last years. We have wept with joy happy to be able to help people. In the second year after seeing off my last patient there came my personal time that I used to describe my sorrows and joys in verse. In this way I wrote my autobiography. Then while dreaming I started seeing coloured pictures from my native village. That made me take drawing paper and somebody in me began painting quite successfully. Very soon I changed the pencil with oils and thus were created a lot of the pictures in my gallery. Once in Melnik I saw the sun the way I painted it later. Every picture has an explanation. It has never appeared by chance. In the picture with the big nut tree I am proud to show my background, my childhood and probably it is not by chance that this picture and ,,Paradise" made it possible for almost the whole world to see them and feel their healing power. In one of the verses I say: When a little girl I wandered in the fields gathering flowers and making wreaths the grass was my bed the fragrant herbs my cover I feel sad when I hear people saying that many have started drawing healing pictures. I would like to ask how many of them have grown a flower from a seed. Is there a single artist in this world who has not done his best to improve the nature around himself spreading beauty all over. He is always doing that not for some profit or personal benefit but just to change the grey environment in his own way. Flowers and herbs have their own language. They know when you love them they feel it and are ready even when painted in a picture to help you to change your mood or just to warm you inside. When they ask me why I have painted the picture with the enormous heart, or in this case - the heart of God, without any human being around, without any living soul, with only beautiful landscapes and a lot of flowers and herbs my only answer is -when God created the earth it had been as beautiful as the beauty I have painted in this picture. The man should not enter the heart of God with his hate, envy and malice. The man has tried persistently for the past centuries to abuse nature with his evil behaviour, hasn't he? God has created us to be good and love nature, to preserve and respect it. We have degenerated and so lost our place in His heart. We have also changed the animals and that is why they are absent there. If I live up to the time when we change to better we shall again have our place in His heart. Let's walk round together in my gallery. I want to let everyone touch the truth I have put in any of my pictures. From the very beginning with the sunflowers and the painted flowers I am pointing the way one has to follow and see the exhibition - the way the seance should proceed. It is anticlockwise, from east to west, from the sunrise. The big picture - Public player is painted by Strahil, the man standing close to me in the last five years. It is love that connects us, and most of'jialljhe love to art. We together made the frames and stretched the canvas over them. In verse I am inviting every visitor to bow his head and think over if he deserves the assistance and health he is asking for. All persons pained there are patients. The service was held in the monastery ,,The seven altars". The player could be for health, rain or success - when standing in front of this pictured one has the time to think what he is praying for. ,,When standing at the picture bow your head and cross yourself ask for forgiveness and pray". In the next picture I am trying to say that one should not be ashamed of his background and origin. The nut tree is still there , only the little girl has grown up. A lonely old nut tree its branches high up in the open spaces of the sky... In the next picture I have shown the river. It is water that cleans and purifies everything. It is absolutely necessary to all human beings, to the animals and the whole nature for their existence. With the next picture in the corner I have wanted to show everybody that life on earth is steep and hard to follow, covered with thorns, with sharp bends. But when one is not afraid of the difficulties and the painful pricks he will reach the top of his climb upwards and there at the summit will see the gate that leads to the future and the paradise. I dedicated to aunt Vanga the next picture, that with the numerous flowers which I planted there myself. It would have been better is I had been able to present them while she was alive - as she used to say only a flower that has been grown from a seed could possess so much power. Grow the flower and you will feel the power of the divine. The same happens in life - the child develops from a tiny thing and then becomes a big man. Everything happens before our eyes. The next one is the sun -I have already told you -I saw it like this over Melnik and I say in my verses - The sun - the life - or that life separated into four - when you are young you are as strong as a horse, you sow and reap in the summer, in the autumn you manage to build a small house, and the old age - the plenty of wisdom you have managed to accumulate, but at the top on the burden of the camel there is a hardly visible sign of the cross, and further on I ask - are you ready now to take the key to the sunny paradise, the garden of God. Would you bend your head to St. Peter, are you worthy to bow down. If you have been able to think everything over so far and again go through your life, I believe that with little repentance you can bravely stand in front of this gate and get the key to the other world, up there in heaven. I painted the next pictures as combinations of herbs following the prescriptions of famous herb gatheres. At the bottom of each is my name ,,Nelly" in bold shrift. When we were ready with the pictures I had a dream which ordered me to go to the Rupite. I thought it was most probably connected with some assistance for the temple. It happened so that preoccupied with the finish of some of my pictures I went there a day before St. George's day. I was late. When nearing the place I saw the guards coming to ask me why I was late. They told me that aunt Vanga was having a bath. She has ordered me to go there on Sunday, at 9.30 and be careful to be on time. At first I thought there was some mistake. - You are Nelly from Sofia, aren't you? - asked me the guards, - Sure that's you, with this lilac overall. There is no mistake. When we returned in the following two days I painted a special picture with herbs for brain stroke. I understood that aunt Vanga was not very well and wanted to help her with it. I also took along a carpet to be laid in front of the alter when the church was built. On Sunday, just at 9.30 we were at her door waiting for her to call us.. Soon we were really called in and while still at the door aunt Vanga told the guards: „ Pesho, did I not tell you that she was bringing a carpet for the alter?" My surprise was really great. We stood in front of her in veneration. I was with Strahil. She had been waiting for us because she was ready to treat us. There were a lot of flowers in her garden. There were also a lot of flower pots, probably gifts from visitors come here to have her assistance. There were a lot of animals as well - dogs, cats, hens, geese, ducks - all of them living peacefully together.Ffrom time to time they ail would cast a look at their owner. I am not going to tell you in details what we talked about then but she kept me there for more than an hour. All the time she spoke to me and gave me instructions. So far I have kept all orders she gave me. I keep having a lot of geraniums. I have a fence round the house I am working in. She agreed that it was a good thing : „ That's very clever, not all the people visiting you come with good intentions, so you must be protected.' At last she wanted to see the picture I had painted for her. She named all the herbs, guessed that one of them was for beauty and not for health and thanked me for all the care I had taken for her. She predicted that my pictures would heal people and make miracles. This was also confirmed. On 25 of June, the holiday of my house I went there again. That time to invite her to my exhibition. She was very pleased but told me: „ Go back home now with all my blessing, I can't come with my legs but all the time will be next to you in my thought.. On that day you will much need a close friend and help." She was right. There came such a crowd. Some of the people were well meaning and enjoyed the holiday with me. But a lot came to do evil and harm me. A lot of troubles occurred. When I was very dishearten I herd her whispering with a gentle voice - „ Don't show in any way that you are suffering, don't cry in front of the enemy because that is what he wants, to hurt you." Ever since that time, now when she is away from us whenever I call her she always comes to help me. My second exhibition was dedicated to St. Dimiter, in memory of my dead brother. In this exhibition one could feel the strong presence of God., Mother of God, St. Dimiter, St. George and St. Nicola. They are all painted by Strahil and their presence is very strong. People themselves could tell how much they have helped those who have turned to them for assistance. But I myself have often been surprised about a lot of events. The distance plays no part for the effect of the pictures, even photographed they can help and do miracles thousands of kilometres away. I reproduced my childhood memories. The great Bulgarian holidays and the way we have celebrated them. Christmas day, Christmas eve - the whole family at the table. The day when we are all equal and the dinner is vegetable. And the next day , at Christmas, when after the Lent people can have meat. And the carol singers who go from house to house to sing and dance in every place. The wishes for good harvest and fruitfulness. St. Jordan's day when everybody gathers along the river, the priest throws the cross into the water and those who are not afraid of the cold jump in to catch it. The one who first gets hold of it and takes it back will be awarded, he will be healthy all the year through. St. John's day - then father used to wake us up at sunrise and while in our pyjamas he pour over us a bucketful of water from the well. It was terribly cold, probably not less than 20 degrees below zero, but we never caught cold. Our clothes used to freeze on us before we got into the warm house. Easter -the day when everybody celebrates the resurrection. We used to prepare for this day long time before it. St. Lazar's day, a week before Easter when the girls dressed in national costumes go about the village, sing Lazar songs and everybody gives them eggs that would be painted on Thursday before Easter. The red egg - the symbol of health. On the very holiday, early in the morning we knock eggs and the strongest one is kept until the next year. On the Sunday before Ghrisimas' - the so called ,,AII Flowers Day" each girl that wants to get married this year wants to go under the wreath made of flowers. On the next holiday St. George's day I painted the majestic sycamore tree and the church of St. George in front. On this day everybody swings for health and all the brides who want to have a baby should only pray for that and will have their wish come true. On the next picture - St. Nicola's day I have drawn the protector of sea and sailors - St. Nicolas. Here I have painted my brother so that he is always with me. There we are at the end of our walk in my temple. For each of us it was a contact with art while for me it also was an escape from the grey daily routine. Many of you have already felt some relief from their pains and sorrows. I would mostly wish that everybody felt that divine touch to the ailing soul and the ailing body. I would like you to believe that if one has lived wisely and has been good he will surely feel the strength of God. I would like to give an answer to your questions. Well, who is the good healer, how could we know who is deceiving us, who will not do any evil and harm us? Here is my answer: when they meet you at the door with a high fee you must know that this is not a place for you when they meet you frowning and if you have no money see you off without helping you - you must know that God never gives only one talent. The devil could also give you the strength to heal people but that is only temporarily. Such a person gets tired very easily and very soon will get ill. God does not give the talent for nothing. Since his birth the future healer has been closely observed by God, his development has been watched and he has had to experience a lot of hardships. And inspite of all this no matter how worthy the healer could be it is not guaranteed that he would be given that ability for life. Every moment ,from the very beginning to the end of his life he is being closely observed. If you make a mistake the ability is taken away from you. You have not been given that talent to enrich yourself. Just consider this for a while - would you feel happy and satisfied, would the bread you have be sweet if you have robbed the sick and the weak after all you have heard and seen. I was born'and grew up in a village. I have lived for thirty years in the big town to return to the village again. Why did I do that. I was not able to look at that deserted and neglected land overgrown with thorns and weeds. Nobody has the mercy to dig it, throw seeds and pick the fruit. I would like to have a lot of followers. One swallow does not make the spring. If alone every man is helpless. Nobody could be hungry if he has land to cultivate, even in the worst years he is able to offer bread to his family. The life of the peasant is hard no doubt. From early in the morning until late at night he works bent down in his field, low down to the very land. But have you been awaken in the morning with the song of the nightingale, with the crow of the cock? Have you ever heard the babble of the stream below your window. Have you walked in the yard with a lot of playful kids and lambs jumping around you, with a number of kittens and puppies running around. Has the song of the cricket awaken you early in the morning? What are you in the big town? Once you close the door behind and you are among strangers. Evil eyes follow you wherever you go. If you happen to get in trouble then nobody lends you a helping hand. They do not bother as you are a stranger to them. They do not care as long as they are well. And here in the village those little snouts touching you gently whenever you go, asking for your attention and caress. You do not care in the country if there could be envy around. No there you are never alone, even if you have problems your pets will touch you with a paw and try to wipe your tears away. It is different, isn't it? The bread you have put aside for them gives you relief and sweet dreams at night. Just a little example. One late night one of my small friends woke me up. I understood that something was the matter and got out. There I saw, in the moonlight the kids and the lambs all out in the yard while the dogs arranged in a circle round them were keeping a guard, all of them waiting for me to take them to the cowshed. Nobody has taught them but they knew how to work for their piece of bread. Still another example - The pigs have come out, my dogs were somewhere away but a little pincher ran along and quietly, barking softly rounded them up and brought them close to me. Isn't it great fun to sit round the burning fire late in the evening, to look at the sky and count the stars. That is what I want to show to the people and will be happy if you get my message right.


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