Нели помогни - If you feel desparate, call her name: Nelly, help!

If you feel desparate, call her name: Nelly, help!


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A middle-aged woman, after her brother having experienced an accident, was endowed with the divine power to cure people. For 16 years she has been living a life in devotion to suffering people and has been a vent for a lot of suffering. During all these years the endless flow of people has been following her at any place she goes. She has two birth children and two grandsons and she has endowed three adopted children with happiness.
She lives in the countryside in quite hard conditions, travels every day both winter and summer, at cold and heat to come to her curing place on time and be able to receive every person who comes from near and far. She patiently listens to the trouble and pain of all people; indeed, when it is quite late for her to be able to help, she lets a tear run down her cheeks in private, but she equally cries, when she has helped someone and brought him or her back to life.

She invites people to holidays at least several times in the year to provide equal conditions to all and give them the chance to be able to eat some hot food; the shining eyes of people, full of gratitude, make her happy at such moments. She alone digs in the garden and the fields, grows flowers and herbs and milks the cows in the cow-shed. She answers the phone call of sick persons late in the evenings, cures people by photographs in the rest of the time, never denying and ever trying to help as she can.
The thanks expressed in Bulgarian and a foreign language sound alike, because she helps anyone, no matter of race, religion, faith and distance.
The diseases she can cure are endless and, when asked "What do you cure?", her answer is the same: "I don’t know a disease I cannot cure! There are diseases I haven’t heard and don’t know at all, but positive results have proven to me that I can cure unknown diseases as well!"

Some cases:

A child is in coma. The phone alarmingly rings from Greece and the child’s grandmother tells "the diagnosis is meningitis." After a four-hour fight by the phone the child recovers its consciousness.

This is the way she proceeds with adults as well:
Pulmonary embolism: a young lady is in a very serious condition. She spent many days in hospital, the physicians having fought hard to put her disease under control, but the small trombuses appeared all the time; the misfortune happened on the day of her wedding. After a ten-minute direct fight the girl is already well.

A little baby, not more than 20 days old, has the grave diagnosis of hydrocephalus. The baby has a large brain cyst. There is no hope, the physicians recommended that the baby should be left at a special medical establishment for children who suffer such disease. Someone tells the baby’s mother about Nelly and after a two-year fight the baby’s health is recovered.

Microcephalism: once again Nelly cures by photograph. After a two-year fight by the parents and Nelly the child is absolutely healthy. However, there is a slight difference: as a result of the numerous healing sessions the two children are exceptionally clever and they are ahead of the other children in terms of mental development.
Cure Self-cure up
The diseases she has been successfully curing are: heart attacks, brain attacks, pareses after brain attacks, discal hernia, discopathies, DCP, pyelonephrites, renal and biliary calculus, enlarged liver, hepatitis, meningitis, pneumonia, asthma, bronchitis, embolisms, any purulent inflammations, scleroderma, ulcers, mastopathy, benign tumor malformations, thyroid gland problems, high blood pressure, burns, phlebectasis, allergies, acne and sensitive skin, glaucoma, cataract, dislocations, and many other.
She can cure by photograph, via phone, telepathically, when her patient is in coma after a brain attack or a trauma. Whenever necessary, she recommends the application of compresses with Bulgarian yogurt which is her own product and is charged with her divine power. She also recommends her yogurt for consumption for general strengthening of the human organism.
This woman is also a painter: she has painted pictures which possess healing qualities. Visits to her picture gallery are a part of the healing process. Two of her pictures became popular all over the world 5 or 6 years ago. They were published in the American Inquirer. The Letters of Thanks, written by people who recovered their health just by looking at these paintings, still continue to arrive.
Neli Dimitrova is not only a medicine woman, she is also a poet who expresses all that was, is and will be in poetry! She describes the beauty of earth in poetry!
She is also a painter who represents the national holidays and history. She carries all this in her heart, full of pain, love and unceasing selflessness.
"However, can anyone really be or pretend to be a painter, if he has not grown a single flower in his life? Can anyone be an example to others, if he does not measure his steps and if his behavior is not indicative of this? Can anyone say that he loves people, if he is merciless to helpless animals?"
Ноmе of health
"The path God has predicted to people like me is covered with thistles! Once you set out to tread your path, you should not be afraid of steep slopes and misadventure. If you track your path right, you shall come to the door of Eden."
You cannot fear and believe people with callused hands. My courage to ask for support has been provoked only by my love to people and my great desire to build a Home of Health which looks like Eden in heaven! Whenever a suffering, sick, hungry and sated person knocks on the door of the Home, he or she will be welcomed and fed.

Here is how I imagine the Home:

* own land - 10 dkas;
* picture gallery - 1000 m2. I recommend the visits to the Gallery as a part of my treatment;
* hotel section for totally and partially disabled persons to settle while their treatment proceeds;
* bath-tubs and pool for water massage, as to my treatment I also recommend bath-tubs with special herbal straw, as well as massage with ointment prepared by me;
* licensed laboratory for the production of herbal extracts and ointments to be prepared by my recipes;
* my idea of such HOME OF HEALTH involves also a large park for rest and relaxation;
* a big agricultural farm for cow and goat breeding needed for the production of yogurt. For the time being I produce yogurt myself. For eight years I have been trying to prove the healing properties of yogurt. The cattle must eat high mountain herbal hay and ecological food. To be able to produce yogurt in bigger quantities and with better quality, the cattle-breeding farm must be located at a high mountainous area, chiefly planted with herbs. The fresh goat’s milk is designed for use in the tubs for treatment of children who suffer DCP, rachitis, microcephalism, hydrocephalus;
* a bee farm to be sure in the ecological origin of the honey which I use in the treatment and its derivative products;
* I have also planned to grow some herbs that are rare but with a great healing power. Actually, I have a botanical garden of which I take care almost alone.

I know that the implementation of my idea require a big amount of funds which I cannot provide myself. That is why I address all suffering people, all I have helped by now and all I shall meet through the Internet:
"Please, help me to build a Home of Health where every single person shall be welcome to share his pain and suffering, be relieved and leave with faith and hope that tomorrow shall be a better day. The Home will be located at Sofia city, but for now it has not address. The address will be written by you who will believe me and all my friends and acquaintances who are helping me now when the day has come for this." To be able to convince all the readers of these lines that my request is not a passing fancy and an aspiration to personal benefit, I established a Foundation for children and orphans. Its name is NELLY, HELP ME! All this will be for the benefit of people, believe me! I hope that my request and appeal for support will be heard and understood!

People, help me to take all of you in my heart!!!
Nelly Dimitrova

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